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Bone broth???

Happy Day after Thanksgiving!! I am sure you all had great days of eating and family time. We sure did..always a great time. I have not been faithful to my blog in quite a while so figured I had better get back into the game. I have so much to tell you. This particular blog post will kinda throw ya since I haven't eaten meat, no fish or poultry in over 40 years that I am going to explain about bone broth. Yes...Bone broth. Turkey...most throw away all the bones, carcass, skin...the left over stuff that most have no desire to deal with after the BIG DAY. Well for my family it is not so. I take out my largest crock pot. grab ALL the leftover Turkey stuff..bones, skin, fat..all the yuck. put it in the crock pot with carrots, celery, onion, apx 1 Tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar, bay leaf. You can add garlic, rosemary, peppercorns...adjust to your families taste buds. The possibilities are endless really. put enough GOOD water to just cover it all up. put on the lid and turn it on. And in around 24 hours your will have an extremely rich and nourishing bone broth to either freeze or cook with. I freeze mine in assorted container sizes for different uses. Just make sure you strain it well to get and small bones out. When some is sick..that is my go too meal. Making soup and stews. Why buy store bought, salt laden broth, when you can make your own for pennies? After the first batch you can always add more veggies and fill with fresh water and go another 24 hours for another batch. I have done this 4 times in a row and gotten LOTS of broth. 5th time is possible but usually have plenty for the freezer after 4. Bone broth is very healthy for you in many ways. Try your hand at it..I guarantee yo will never look at a Turkey carcass the same way can make this broth with any bones..chicken, beef and so on. Enjoy your day!!!

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