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Lulu Fay's Country Suds Store

Farm fresh Goat Milk Soap and bath products. How do we know it's great? They are our goats :) Soap, fizzies, lip balm, sugar scrubs and more. ! Come check out how fun soap can your skin again! Pretty to the eyes and a bubbly and luxurious lather...heaven in a bar. There is something for everyone to enjoy!


*Please remember these are handmade no two will ever look a like. Sometimes what you receive could and can be slightly different than what is pictured. Also want to mention we refund over payments on shipping. Etsy calculates shipping on the high side and we ALWAYS refund the difference. Cause that's the way we roll!

Lulu Fay's Country Suds Products Are Available By Wholesale.

Please contact us for more information

We use the highest amount of fresh goats milk in every batch of soap created. All ingredients used come from companies that do not do animal testing. I do my own testing on myself. In addition, we use ECO-Friendly glitter so our sea life friends are safe.

Melinda Cusack

If you are​ experience any trouble placing your order please contact me and I will personally take your order!

Dry and tight skin is not clean...cleansed and hydrated is. Our soaps are safe to use on your face, hands and body.

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